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Editing the length of contracts (league)?


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Okay, so I managed to get the second and third division of US soccer up and running (I'm now in 2015.) In the basic comps/usa.xml file I put the starting and ending dates for the two leagues to match MLS (March-November.) However, when adding the leagues to the nation rules section of the editor, you have to switch the two leagues (NASL and USL) to inactive, then switch them back to "league" and re-do all of the info. Currently, the dates for both run from April 9th to October 15th. But the USL teams are having their contracts (including loans) expire on September 30th, before their season is even finished, whereas some of the NASL players are having theirs end on October 20th when most are ending on the 31st. What's going on here?

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