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Can I run football manager 2012????

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I am curently on a work laptop, and was wondering whether I could run football manager 2012.

I have ran it through Can you run it and based on minimum requirements, it could ru apart from in terms of video card. It says that you need 128mb of 'Video Ram' whereas I have only 64 mb. Is this vital? Would it be dangerous towards the laptop to try and run this game?

I have : Intel® Calistoga Graphics Controller


Click here for the latest Video drivers.

Features: Minimum attributes of your Video Card

Required You Have Video RAM 128 MB 64.0 MB Pixel Shader version 2.0 2.0


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It says that everything has passed, apart from having 64mb of video ram instead of 128mb. Does this simply mean that the game viewer will be 3D apart from 2D? It says that earlier graphics cards may not be 'supported' what does this mean? Will attempting damage the laptop? I currently play the 2008 game with the 2D viewer without any trouble.

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