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FM2011, SDO, 4-5-1 - need feedback!

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Hmm .. hadnt read that part :-)

Well the tact is based on the original 5-4-1 from FM 2011, and then tweaked ALOT,

My main focus from start has been to avoid being scored againt, when i had a tact that did that, (on average 11 goals against with bigger teams in Spain, England) i started on the offensive part, main fokus was an aggressive midfiled with alot of creativity, im using it now with Vidal, Cairney, Defour (Vidal DMC) and it work wonders, Lampard has been brilliant as MC (A) as well,

Alot of the tactic is based on PACE from wingers and the poacher.

When playing top 3 teams away i tend to set Counter Attack = Yes.

When playing a VERY deep defence i use shouts like "Work ball into box" And "Play to feet", if opponents full backs are weak i shout "fokus on flanks" or whatever its called :-)

Enough info?

Pls let me know if you are testing it so i can see if anyones interested at all :-)

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