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FM12 Goal of the Month: August Entry

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So, I've been looking through all sections dedicated to FM12 and lack of such competition brought my attention, so I decided to set one up. Everyone can enter, all you have to do is follow the rules below:

1. You must upload a video to YouTube using tools provided by FM.

2. You may post only one goal per month.

3. Goal must be scored by a user-managed team, not the AI.

4. You must use a template from the bottom of this post.

5. You can't post a goal after voting starts.

6. You can post your goals until a week before end of the month when the voting starts.

7. For voting you must use a template from the bottom of this post.

8. You can vote for up to three goals. The first one selected gets three points, the second gets two and the third gets one.

Competition Status: August entry

Ends: 24.08.2012, 19:00 GMT

Template for entry:


Template for voting:

[b]Your nickname:[/b]
[b]Vote for:[/b]

Good luck!

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