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Hi Guys,

Every version of FM I create a World Super League and I wanted to know if there was anyway i could save the majority of the work i do and pull it through to other future versions of the game.

I change the teams in the EPL down to Blue Square League, change all the competion names, awards etc etc and it usually takes me around 4 hours to do.

It would be handy to have a database that i could just transfer from one version to another and not have to spend a long time editing all the leagues etc.

Does anyone one know of a way to do this?


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If it just takes four hours its probably not worth it for the potential issues. I had the same thought about my database which takes about 10 hours to do most of the work for. I can see the potential for many problems so I just knuckle down and enjoy the fun of making the database fresh each year.

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