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Changing attributes in editor

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Does it mess up the game in anyway? I remember when I was young and got joy out of making every player unreal by putting all their stats to 20 the players attributes would go all over the place when I started up the game.

I still edit but to change the game to be more realistic. I don't think FM captures the disparity between Barca and Real and the rest of La Liga so I edit them so much so that they would be the dominant forces in La Liga by a mile. But I'm wondering does this have any adverse effects on the game? I mean Messi is pretty unreal but could I be editing him wrong so that he loses out in some attributes after I edit him?

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yes, for example if you max everything to 20 but his CA is 56/200 he isnt going to be the cybrog twin of Messi.

I never tink with the editor unless I seriously think a stat is harsly overated or underated or if there is an error I just cannot wait for a update to fix.

Im a home & away season ticket holder of many many many years (for my sins) of Norwich City so although Biast I get a very good idea regarding there players and I remember a few FM's ago a player who was awful at crossing (forget who) in real life for some reason was listed as 17/20 crossing. Little things like that I alter if I feel there seriously wrong.

Usually leave the rest.

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