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SFM Backgrounds!


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Hey guys!

I'm coming from www.serbian-fm.net

We've made a background pack, so that you can fully enjoy the game.

This pack does not have config files, only 150+ edited pictures that suits FM the most.

There are so many great pictures, mostly from EPL, coming in different colors and few with glamour effect.

If you do not have a skin with background selector, you have to pick only one and name it "default" and put it skins/skin name/graphics/background folder.

If you have a skin with background selector, you can pick 6 backgrounds and name it from 1-6, replacing original pictures.

Before downloading the file, I suggest you to take a look to see what's in it.

Watch in HD & Full screen.

All those pictures are downloaded from Facebook and edited in Image Editor.


Few In-game Screenshot:





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