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[FM11] Climbing the Spanish pyramid....with a team that isn't Spanish?


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Futbol Club Andorra is a football & futsal club based in Andorra la Vella (Andorra), established in 1942. They play in the Spanish football league system.

Most of the Andorra national football team are typically selected from FC Andorra, which currently competes in the Segona Catalana at the 7th level of the Spanish football league system. Though the club are based in Andorra, they have competed in the Spanish league system since 1948.




Game Version: - 11.3.0

Leagues Loaded: - Spain - Division de Honor (6th Tier)

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Initial Reports:



Best Player:


The main thing is to get rid of the weaker players to free up the wage bill, and try to bring in better players for cheaper wages, I'm not planning any rules like I must only sign Andorrans as that would frustrate me, I can sign anyone that will accept my offers.

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Good luck with this fella. It sounds as though you have a long treck ahead of you .

Thanks SRL88! Hopefully we can have a good start as our Pre-Season went quite well.

Good luck with F.C. Andorra

Thanks B.W.G!

2010/11 Pre-Season

A very busy Pre-Season as I scheduled 2 Friendlies home to Tenerife and they went amazingly:


The only minor slip-up was away to U.D. Albacer but I'm not to worried about it.



To the eagle-eyed among you, you may notice that I have already released players that I brought in just over a month before, now that is because our squad are all over the age of 24, every single one of them, and the rules for the league are that we are only allowed 16 over-23's in our team so I've had to release them to give us more room in wages and to hopefully find some decent young players (which I haven't found yet)



There are 24 people in the team, of which only 16 of them are able to play, I'll get rid of anyone that is 2 1/2* CA but the team looks very good, also am I the only person to find it funny that the players "Nervios" and "Willy" are right next to each other? ;)

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August - October 2010


Well, well, well....Things couldn't really be going much better, we are miles above the rest and the gulf in class is already showing with 7-1 & 8-1 victories.


A goal difference of 39 after just 10 games isn't too shabby, I'm hoping that nothing disastrous happens and I hope I won't jynx myself by saying this but....promotion?


David has been the best contributor so far as you can see, an average rating of 8.25 along with 12 goals and 5 assists!

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Brilliant start to the season.

Thanks SRL88 it's just getting better and better!

Absolutely storming start.

Thanks B.W.G

You have some good players for such a low level.

Yea, I think it's because we're Semi-Pro and predicted 1st better players want to play for us, our rep must be quite a lot higher than the rest of the league.

November - January


I am such a pro at getting the green on Connect 4 that I've decided to get only greens. No draws or defeats as of yet, amazing.


21 games, 82 scored, 7 conceded and 15 points ahead of 2nd......promotion?


David's stats have dropped but scoring 27 in 21, not too shabby!

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Too easy,if you carry on like this then it won't be too long before you start celebrating promotion :D

Oh we're already celebrating!

February - April 2011


Had a couple of close shaves this time with a 3-2 win and a 1-0 win threatening to ruin our perfect record but nothing has stopped us with 4 games left of the season!


30/30! The aims now are 100 points, and +100 Goal Difference!

I won't do an update for May, instead I will just do an end of season update.

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F.C. Andorra - Division de Honor Grupo 4 - 2010/11

My first season in charge and I was thrown in and expected to be promoted, I don't think we disappointed anyone.

League Table

League Positions Graph

Easy as can be, 34-0-0 was in 1st for every week and won it by the 1st game in April, 30 points ahead of 2nd.

Squad - and here is the tiny squad that did it, just 18 players secured us the title, although I did release loads and loads of players as we couldn't register them.

Transfers - I brought in 42 players, and released a massive 61 all on frees which greatly damaged the finances due to compensation.

Finances - We spent £714,895 on wages (mainly from compensation) as I managed too get the wages down from £3,500 p/w to £1,429 p/w we also got £10,000 for coming 1st in our Division.

Key Players:

David Asensio - The gift that kept giving, he may be the wrong side of 30 but he scored 32 in 28 which is very good for any level.

Xavi Sanchez - the only Andorran left in the team, he's taking up almost 1/3rd of our wages on £400 p/w but he did get a massive 21 assists.

Juan Carlos Pozo - Another assist magnet with 18 assists.

|Season |           League          | Position | Avg. Attendance | Season Ticket Holders | Estimated Value | 
|2010/11| Division de Honor Grupo 4 |    1st   |       839       |          250          |     £110,000    |

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