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Help please, Laptop wanted

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Hi all,

Im after a laptop...... not got a massive budget say £300-£400, It'll only really be used for FM and the odd surf of the net, Really want something that can run a few leagues with a decent database of players dont mind it not running amazingly quick but dont want anything like my old laptop which was like nearly 12-15hrs to do a season with just england loaded, Can anyone recommend from personal experiance or anyone seen a bargain lately.

Thanks for any help you can offer.

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is this any good?

Intel Core i3 dual core.

2.3GHz processor speed.

4GB DDR3 RAM memory.

500GB SATA hard drive.

Display features:

15.6 inch display.

Interfaces and connectivity:

3 USB ports.

1 Ethernet port.

1 HDMI port.

Operating system and software:

Microsoft Windows 7 Premium.

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