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Building an attacking 4-2-2-2 (4-2-4)

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Hi just wanted some ideas on building an attacking 4-2-2-2/4-2-4 for when you are a big team against a smaller team which is easily switched to overload for when chasing a game. I have a targetman and would have service to his head on the basis of I dont want to mess around, I want the ball chucked into the box for my TM to win flick ons.

I would imagine:

Very fluid - Is this right?

Direct Passing

High Tempo

Low timewasting

High Width

D-Line pushed right up

GK - Sweeper Keeper - Support

WB - Attack

WB - Attack

CB - Defend - I may have one BPD making last runs into the box a la Vermaelen

CB - Defend

CM - Defend

CM- Support - Should this be Attack? Will I get caught on counter if he is bombing into the box too much?

RW - Attack - Crossing often or will mixed make him pick his opportunities better?

LW - Attack - Same as above

TM - Support - or Attack? I think maybe attack as I want him to finish chances - any thoughts?

Poacher - Attack

Focus passing down flanks?

Any thoghts or suggestions would be welcome.


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