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FM12 minimizing during game?

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Hope someone is able to help on this.....

Just recently when I have been playing FM12 after about 5mins (and to my recollection always during a game) the screen will minimize to the tray and show my desktop. I am able to return to the game just by maximising it but it is very annoying. At first I thought it was an issue with the laptop but yesterday I got a new one and it has just happened on this.

Can anyone share any experience / advice?


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same happened to me when getting to the matches and it is solved by doing two things:

1 - Right click on Steam and select Properties. And under Compatibility menu unclick the box of "Work under this Compatibility Mode" or something like that :) (I'm using Turkish version of Windows)

2 - Right click again on Steam and if there is a Graphics Preference, choose the "High Performance Graphics Processor" not the "entegrated one". (This option is in my Win 7 operating system, not sure if applicable in other versions)

Hope one of this works for you...

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