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amd vision or amd fusion prpcessor?

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Or none of the above. Found the Lenovo website pretty naff, no customer service for people who actually are thinking of buying their laptops, lord knows how they make any money.

Anyway I'll be in the market soon for a smallish cheap laptop upon which I intend to play fm13.

I'll run just the one league, and will only load players from Holland Germany and France as I'm Aston villa and this just about covers our scouting knowledge tho will be chuffed to bits to have Michael henke in the game. Villa doing a Newcastle and realising that a lot cab be achieved having a decent European scouting network. Good times ahead.

Anyway, anyone know owt about these 1.7ghz processors? Reckon if I get a lot of ram I'll be fine but thought I'd just check

Thx, Neil

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They're two different things. AMD Vision is a (graphics) technology within AMD Fusion, which is a product line of APUs (essentially CPU + GPU).

We need the full chip name to really see if it will be any good.

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thats a decent enough budget...

if you dont mine about a dedicated graphics card:


or in fact:


they are all lappy's under £400 with i5 processors as standard... give it a go.. you can go down to i3 and get better spec ram etc if you prefer too...

if you do:


point being... dont settle for a little budget 1.2ghz mobile processor...

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Thanks. Food for thought. Was really keen on a 13.3" screen that was all. Am used to slow processing as tho I used to have I5 in my burgled laptop I loaded 228000 players so am use to waiting around on processing.

This time around I'll only bother with a single league, 3 divs, and enough players from France, Germany Holland. Or wherever else it is Michael henke has a decent rl knowledge of.....

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