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A bit more interest please?

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I'm left with the feeling a lot of the time that the international side of the game has so much more to offer. and actually what im going to mention happens a lot with achievements with small clubs.

Basically i was left a bit disappointed when i took over Hungary in 2030 and led them to their first major tournament since 1986, essentially the response i got was "huh, thats nice" its not mentioned at all, just the FA saying "cheers for qualifying". Surely this kind of achivement would be huge especially after all this time, but barely any attention was paid to it, then again when i led them to the quarter final losing 3-2 to Sweden (thanks to some dubious refereeing) again there was no real reaction just "that was a nice surprise" one of our players even made it into the team of the tournament. I just feel that the game fails to recognise the magnitude of some achievements and could do more to praise a manager, bearing in mind that when i took over we were ranked 84th and after qualifying we were 21st which included a 2-0 win at wembley! But again no large fanfare.

Anyone else felt the game has just been a bit.. cold when it comes to some achievements?

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