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Nobody will sign a new contract

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I am managing Biggleswade Town FC (they start in Level 8, Evo-Stik Division 1 C) and started as a manager with Sunday League Footballer reputation and have currently got them into League One in 2021.

Over the 10 and a bit seasons I have managed them, whenever I try and offer a player a new contract he is not interested. This means that at the end of their contracts they either leave or stay on a month-to-month contract, which makes it harder as for example Febian Brandy has scored 122 goals in 3 seasons then left on a free because he was not interested in a new contract.

The staff sign new contracts but not 1 player has, even the rubbish players/youth players.

My reputation has gone up from obscure or whatever it starts on to national so I don't understand why the players won't resign?

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When you say "whenever I try and offer a player a new contract he is not interested" do you mean that every player you offer a new deal to shows the red notice "not interested". If so, I reckon you should be reporting this as a bug!

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