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Not sure if this is correct place on the forum to post this but I'll post here anyway.

I've Completed a Women's Database to a good enough level to post a link for upload. I'll still be doing updates so I'll probably be posting a newer database at a future date.

28 managers, 3 coaches and 468 players.

All 8 WSL teams, all 12 SWPL teams and a basic World League.

Download the database and give it a go.

Leave any feedback on the page.


check out my facebook page at


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Here's the download link for my third and final Editor for Football Manager 12.

Since the second update I've added around 40 new players, improved players info, hopefully made players ratings more accurate, created a 'Champions League' competition and added Sunderland Women's FC to the 'rest of the world' league.


Give it a try and hopefully have a bit of fun with it.

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