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Help with my tactic!!!

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I am using a 4-1-2-2-1 tactic its doing ok i guess but i was just wondering if there was anything i could tweak to make it a bit more solid

at the moment i am 2nd in the league with reading and my wins and loses look like this

won 9, drawn 1, lost 4, goals for 26 and goals against 14

my team instructions are set out like this





The rest - No

my player tactical roles are like this







Any input would be appreciated

Thanks :)

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When I'm desigining tactics I tend to make a save specifically for developing that tactic, save before a decently challenging match and then tinker around with the tactic until I have something that seems to work. Then I'll try it for a few more matches and tinker again if needed.

Personally, I always set the DR and DL to wingback to give some more width. The DMC shouldn't really be necessary with a flat back four, but you do seem to be concedeing a fair number of goals. I'd consider changing the passing to short, as this may help you to maintain possession, and see if using the offside trap does any good.

I'd play around with the roles of the MCs, too. You could see what having two APMs does. You could also experiment with the role of the striker. A poacher may work better with the inside forwards, but it's hard to say without trying it out.

As a general piece of advice for matches, don't be afraid to change the mentality to balanced if you're struggling. Sometimes it can turn a game around, reducing the other teams shots on goal nd giving you more chances. Depending on the tactic I'm playing there are certain formations that I will always switch to balanced for.

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I wouldn't say short passing would work with this as there's a lot of space in between the forward lines meaning the player's would have to deform their roles to be able to cope with it, direct passing may be best as they can "ping" the ball across the ground quickly and with a purpose.

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Thnks for all the help so far i have just tweaked it to be like this


Mentality- Attacking

Passing - Direct

Tackling - Normal

Pressing - Yes

Offside Trap - Yes

the rest no







At the moment in the league after 18 games and before the tweak

Won 12, Drawn 1, Lost 5, Goals For 32 and Goals Against 16

I will update what happens after a few games

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Over the next 10 games i had played whilst tweaking my tactic this is my results

won 3, drawn 3, lost 4, goals for 14 and goals against 12

so at the moment its a bit off my first tactic is still slightly better but i am still tweaking a bit so more results to come soon

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the last 18 games i played of the season was with this tactic.











Everything else no

I won 10, Drew 3 and lost 5 i scored 22 and conceded 13

It got me into the play offs but i lost over the first 2 legs

It still needs a bit of tweaking and sorting out so hopefully the new season i do will bring more success

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Try playing a complete forward, a TM is known for his strength and aerial ability but when you are playing INFs he isn't getting the crosses to do this so you won't be using him well. However a complete forward is adaptable and will do whatever is needed, as long as you have a great forward it will work.

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