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All off the sudden, salaries do not reflect my transfer budget? What happend? Help me...

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Could this be a bug or something?

All of the sudden, I can change my payroll-transfer budget all the time, which is something that I could do only once i a week.

Also, to the certain extent, signing players on free does not reflect on my budget.

For example, if I have 20 million salaries on my 21 million budget and no transfer funds, I can always switch the extra million into transfer funds. But here is the catch, now I can sign a player on free and give him 1 million contract which would make my salaries-budget on 21-21 million. Normally, this would leave me with no transfer budget, with my salaries-budget being on 21-21 million but...I can actually still switch 1 million of my salaries budget into transfer funds as if I did not sign free agent on 1 million contract. I would be spending 21 million salaries on 20 million salaries budget while still having 1 million transfer budget. How is this possible?

This part of the game always reflected reality until now. What has hapend? Could it be a bug or something? I have tried my other saved game and all of the sudden, they all act in this way.

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Yeah sure. But if I am under the wage budget and have no transfer budget, how can I edit budget and come up with 1,2 million, which was the transfer budget before I started signing free players.

To prove the point I signed 4 free players and went 3 millions under the wage budget (with no transfer budget) and every time I edit budget I came up with same 1,2 million funds.

There must be something wrong with the game.

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