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Help with nationalities and ages


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Hi guys

Right now I'm using the editor to do a game elsewhere, where people sign up and I place their player in the game, with a random PA (150-200) and the same CA (75).

I've currently encountered two problems, and I'm keen to know how to fix them. The first is that all players are 16/15 (depending on if they were born on or after 5th of July), but a few will have to wait until they're 18 to sign for a club. I would start them all as 18, but that reduces how good they will become. One problem I have is that I have the A-League loaded, but none of the clubs in it even wink an eye at any of the Australians, making them sign for England and wasting 2 seasons. Does anyone have any suggestions to make it so that they don't have to wait 2 seasons to sign for English clubs OR to make Australian clubs make offers for them? Would editing their reputation have any effect on this?

My second problem is that anyone under 160 PA is cut out of the game. Right now we have 23 players and 4 had under 160 PA and were never included in the game. Any idea how to fix this?

I would appreciate it if someone could find a link to another game similar (I know there are some around, I just can't find any through searching).


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You could feasibly reduce the youth contract age in Australia to 15/16 so that players can sign for Australian clubs. Perhaps you could edit their reputation too.

As for making sure that they stay in the game, if they are different nationalities then when starting the game you could select a custom database size and then retain all players from their respective nations. Or again editing their reputation may have an effect.

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