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scout reports arent showing, is it a bug or something im doing wrong

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As the title says, my scout reports are not showing and im not sure if its a bug or something im doing wrong. Sometimes they seem to show and sometimes not but I dont know if im looking at the different. Here is a scout I use and what happens


As you can see, he has fair amount of reports, although some are a little dated, even when I check on newer reports they dont show. This is what I get when I click to show me reports.


Question is, is this a bug or am I doing something wrong? If so can anyone help me

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it sounds like a bug,

Does it happen if you exit out and reload the game?

Also have you tried clicking the reset button in case there are some filters on that you can't see.

Does it happen with just this scout or others as well?

Have you tried getting him to scout somewhere he has permenant knowledge of, probably England, then when you get the news saying he is done the next day click to view the report there, then if that works try to access the same report through the scouting menu.

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