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Fortuna Sittard - Filling The Trophy Cabinet

Carel Fabritius

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Fortuna Sittard is a football club in Sittard, Netherlands. The club currently plays its football in the 12,500 capacity Trendwork Arena and features in the Dutch Eerste Divisie.

Club Profile - Decent size club who had a spell in the top league.

Squad - Not a spectacular squad but I won't be making any signings until the second season. Just a little rule I have.

Finances - Starting in the red isn't an ideal place to be, that is something I'll look to address over the course of the season.

Facilities - Second biggest stadium in the league which is more than adequate for now.

Information - Predicted to finish 18th out of a league of 18, that is certainly somewhere I don't want to end up.

League History - This graphic shows the club's league history for the past few years, it doesn't make for great reading for the fans.

Game Setup

I have only loaded the Dutch leagues, so only two tiers loaded. This is due to having a really poor laptop. I am on a small database as well, this means I won't have a fantastic array of players to choose from but it also presents another challenge. This will probably be a one club save but if I am sacked then I will go to another club.

My Aims

The minimum expectation of the board is to 'stay clear of relegation' and that is exactly what I will try to do. The Dutch Cup at the moment isn't important, the league takes priority.

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Fortuna Sittard - Eerste Divisie - 2011/12

League Table

League Positions Graph

I couldn't be happier with how my first season went, I was disappointed not to win the league but to be promoted after beating AZ was a great feeling.

Play-Offs - To beat AZ was fantastic, I knew a one goal lead wouldn't be enough so it was great to win the first leg the way we did.

Dutch Cup - Success was never on the cards in this competition so to be knocked out by Eredivisie opposition wasn't surprising.

Squad - Pleased with certain players in the squad, everyone pulled their weight, or near enough.

Transfers - No transfers in or out, that will change drastically come next season though.

Finances - Looking at the finances when I took over, I am pleased with the current situation.

Key Players

Danny Hoesen - His goals are the reason we are were we are, I am willing to give him a chance in The Eredivise, his potential is 4.5 and I can sign him on a free.

Kévin Diaz - A decent enough player who assists more than he scores.

Mark Wagemakers - An experienced player who performed when called upon.

Timothy Dreesen - A rock at the back and one of only two players to feature in all 39 games.

Next Season

Well I wasn't expecting to be going into my second season with the likes of PSV and Ajax, all I can hope for is to survive. To do this I will need to invest because I don't think the current squad is capable of survival, I could be wrong but I will be investing in all areas of the squad and maybe relying on a few loan signings to tide us over.

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