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[Sign-up] Best team in the world

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I am still planning to start one sign-up before Football Manager 2013 comes out. That is only around Christmas from so there is still plenty of time on. You play in a league with the best clubs and there are also cups etc. You choose a team, and eventually you can also do transfers and etc.



You play 2 times against each other in the League.

You play also the Cup tournaments:

- World league ( All Super leagues 1 t/m 9)

- Gold cup ( Super leagues 1 t/m 3)

What do I need to fill out?

Date of Birth:

There are 20 places free, but if there aren't 20 people involved can be started with 15 people there is always a game e.g.. and that the other teams just be played by the computers.

Yes i used a translator.

Stoff7 - [b]Barcelona[/b]
Kris0710 - [b]Real Madrid[/b]
David - [b]Last one ( Later i change this)[/b]
Prodigal - [b]Manchester United[/b]
Musantha - [b]Tottenham[/b]
Nathwalker -[b] Arsenal[/b]
Toonballmy87 - [b]Porto[/b]
Iamgory - [b]Liverpool[/b]

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