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raising morale

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had a quick search on the forums but i cant find what im looking for,im in season 3 with a very young crewe team(mainly youths) and i am top of the league after 30 games. however the last 5-6-7 games my team have lost all sense of togetherness and we have sufferred 3 home 3-0 defeats and a 4-1 away defeat i have tried team meeting,individual chats everything but to no success i really dont wanna blow this seasons promotion challenge also i have stopped giving teamtalks i was using the aggresive expect a win but have now said nothing. so has anyone any ideas what to do or any links to previous posts with raising morale?

cheers glynnbob.

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I'd be using "the pressures off" by this stage and praising at half time even when things aren't going well.

If things are not going well and you praise them that can make them have a negative reaction,I normally solve this by having a team meeting and praising them for the season and saying our latest results have not been good but we can still have a successful season,hopefully at least your captain will react positively and you can ask him what he has to say,then maybe another member will have something to say,you then finish with a reaction that it was the response you were looking for.

I would not go down the negative route and praise them for getting beat as if they feel they should be winning then bang goes their moral and your season.

Also always give some sort of team talk,even just a "lets do it for the fans".

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