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Your worst team discipline record.

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Last season, playing as Hendon in Blue Square Bet South, my team picked up 109 yellow cards and 14 red cards :herman: . It seems exceptionally dirty compared to the records for teams in other leagues, such as BSN where the record at the moment is 71 yellow and 7 red cards.

Has anyone had a dirty season like this, or a very dirty player? I am not asking for advice on how to concede less cards, as the tactic is admittantly rough.

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That's a ridiculous number of cards but you made me smile anyway. :lol:

I like using "hard" tackling although you're taking a risk with broken legs and smashed ankles which can sometimes kill a player's career. Nowadays I only tell a player to tackle hard if they're strong and have a good tackling attribute.

(a) There's a hidden attribute called "dirtiness". Watch for players who get cards regularly and put them on normal or easy tackling from the start of the game.

(b) When a player gets a card I switch him from hard to normal or from normal to easy tackling. This should greatly reduce your red cards. I always fine a player for a red card too.

© Watch player motivation during the game. If a player is "in danger of losing discipline" reduce his tackling intensity.

(d) If a player is "feeling pressured" it's very often down to your team talk. But it can also be because he's not coping with his opponent in this particular match or else because your whole team isn't doing well tactically. This can also lead to cards. For example, imagine if you were playing full-back against a fast winger. You're struggling to tackle him legitimately so you start fouling him. You can solve this problem during the game by changing your team's tactics or your player instructions or your opposition instructions or your shouts.

(e) There's also a link between points © and (d). My point is that it can be tactical instructions other than tackling instructions that cause players to lose discipline. What's more good tactical instructions can cause your opponents to lose discipline.

Hard-tackling is fun but it needs to be managed.

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the red cards was quite evened out between the defenders. I guess a hard tackling tactic is better suited for teams with good defenders. As i play in BSS, they tend to have low decision attributes and several other faults that make them a liability in defence. I have not had as many cards when using the same settings at higher levels. I also have a striker and some wingers that has been sent of a few times. I think Steve Walsh (cb and striker) held a record for most red and yellow cards in Premier League.

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