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New Editor Logo Assistance.


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Hi. I'm running a game with a massively edited gameworld, featuring a lot of newly-created teams. As such, I am attempting to create logos for these teams, but this side of things is completely new to me. I've been working my way through the step-by-step guides, I've read my way through the FAQ's on this forum, but I'm still missing something here, so I guess this is a plea for help from any kind soul to whom this is second nature.

As it stands, I have created a config.xml file from scratch, copy/pasting the information in the example, and it is located in what I believe is the correct location (Username/My Documents/Sports Interactive/Football Manager 2012/Graphics). In that xml file, I have replaced the Man Utd. ID with that of the club I am using as a test, whose ID is 2062002428. I have a 180x180 logo for that club, named 2062002428.png in the same folder.

Now, I am using Paint Shop Pro, not Photoshop, so I am having to create logos manually, as specified in this guide. This is where I think I'm coming unstuck- I'm not sure where each of the logos needs to be saved, and what each of the four (normal, small, bg right, bg left) need to be called, because the guide doesn't appear to specify that- it just says save them. What should they be called?

Further to this, from what I understand they should be in the same folder as the config.xml file, which they are at the moment (the graphics folder), but doesn't the line of code in the config file refer to deeper branching (graphics/pictures/club/2062002428/logo) ? Should I create those folders and put them there instead?

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back left

back right



That will be your 4 folders for the logos.

back left and back right will be 300 X 100 pixels

normal is 300 x 300 pixels

small is 25 x 18 pixels

Each folder has an .xml file in it so that the game can find the matching logo.

Also, make sure that your extension matches, example .png and not .PNG

Feel free to PM me and I can help you more.

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Excellent- that certainly clears things up a bit. I'm not sure whether I just plain missed that, or whether it's just common enough knowledge amongst editors that it wasn't mentioned.

As it stands, I've managed to get the normal and small logos into the game (thanks in part to the XML guidance on this post), but where would the two background ones be used? At the moment, I can only assume they're also working, but can't think of any screen which would actually use them? I'm on one of the game's default skins, so this may be the reason?

Thanks for your assistance.

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