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Email's from *Supports* Interactive


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Supports Interactive is a Fansite, you must have signed up as interested in the beta to receive those emails.

You can even find the Fansite advertised in these very forums: http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/298693-Supports-Interactive

For those who don't follow us on Facebook or Twitter, beta testing passes will start to go out over this weekend. Anyone who signed-up to test should expect something by next week. Unfortunately we can't be more specific as there's hundreds of emails to send out. Just keep an eye out on your inbox/spam folder for our email.

If you're not already signed-up to beta test, and want to be, you can pick up a pass once testing begins via our Twitter account; we have some spares that we are going to be giving out. You can do that here: www.twitter.com/supportsfm –– We may do this on Facebook too, here: www.facebook.com/supportsinteractive

There's more information on our new site about the project, as well as the opportunity to officially purchase Football Manager 2013 at a 25% discount. Our store will be releasing pre-ordered copies on the 19th of October, and if you buy via us we'll get some cash from the game-makers to help pay for the servers everyone will be abusing; so there's some good reasons to pre-order with us instead of Steam, etc. You can find all that here: www.supportsinteractive.com

Thanks again for your interest, hopefully you'll all think it's been worth the wait when you see it.


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I just posted this in another topic.


No, we're not affiliated with SI Games or SEGA; I believe it says as much on our website. We're actually an independent social network for Football Manager.

To be clear, we literally just emailed people yesterday with an apology for the amount of emails that have gone out – which you should have received – and in which we concluded that no further emails would be sent. We realised a lot had been dispatched and we were concerned about the volume. We can't do more than apologise once otherwise we're sending more emails.

As for the 'dubious' nature of any emails. I'm not sure at which point you've been asked for credit card details, but we've not asked anyone for anything. We merely recommended three discounted offers for Football Manager 2013 (via reputable outlets) and we sent an apology email. That's the extend of what we've sent anyone.

Again, we can only apologise that so many have been sent out. As we said, we'll update people via social media outlets they can follow instead of sending emails they may not want. If you're concerned about future emails, simply PM me your email and I'll make sure it's removed from our list. It'll only have been on our list if you've signed up to a project that myself or Caleyjag have been involved with in the past.




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