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Custom Database error with adding Sub Divisions


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Hi Guys

Could anybody answer me this question. How do i resolve the following error when trying to add a sub division to my already set up Custom League?

"All teams in the premier division need to be assigned to it's parent or child division, not both"

I can see any team assigned to both in anyway. I'm sure i must be missing something or not done something but nobody seems to be able to answer what that might be.

Somebody please help.

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1st stage - Create your competition, like the example:



2nd stage - Create the sub-divisions, like the examples:



Now, just create your sub-division league structure and save.

If you found errors, please tell me, or just send me your league file.

And sorry for my bad english.

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Believe it or not, that's actually the best tutorial I've ever seen on creating competitions. Very easily and well explained.

Though, I already knew how to do this, someone who doesn't know may find this tutorial very usefull.

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Believe it or not, that's actually the best tutorial I've ever seen on creating competitions

Have you seen my videos hoax? I have some written guides too


Hopefully they can help you out with any future editing.

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Just wanted to say thank you for your reply. I've had log on issues with this site so had to look for help in others first, sortitoutsi, fmbase etc but nobody came forward......I'm at work at the moment. will take a look later on.

So at the moment i have a premier division "The Doncaster Free Press Premier Division" if i wanted to have 2 divisions below this, that work as a championship and a League 1, id need to add a 3rd sub divison? (like your north/south above) of does the Premier Division need to come under than that Parent as well?.

Worst case i send my league file when i get in later, just trying to understand before i get in so i can rectify straight away lol

Thanks again, all of you

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Right that wasnt very clear lol Let me say what i want and then give 2 options as to what i think may be right......sorry if i'm not catching on lol.

I've created a Doncaster League which i want a Premier Division, Championship & League 1 with promotion and relegation similar to its English league compatriots. I've created the leagues already. If i've understood do I:

a) Create a Parent Division with No Teams in called, for example. "The Doncaster & District Leagues" and have my Premier, Championship & League 1 all as sub divisions? Or do i...

b) Leave my current Premier division as the Parent league and create a 3rd Sub Division with no teams in for the Championship & League 1 to come under?

Again, sorry if i'm slow. I had zero idea how to do any of this, league, logo, facepack etc creation and i've self taught to complete all, this was the one issue i couldnt get around :-)

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You want to do a system similar to English League? Like That:

- Premier League of Doncaster

- Doncaster Championship

- Doncaster League One

But you want to add sub-divisions or not? If you want to add, follow the steps on my tutorial. If you don't want, create the competitions selecting teams and add nation rules. (In the second option, don't forget to clear "Parent Competition"

I do not quite understand your question, it must be because of my bad English, but if that's what you want, just do as I said. Send me a PM if you want with you file and a READ ME telling what you want to do, i will explain to you.

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Did you get my PM? it didnt seem to work

My videos are all about how to set up parts of that. If you look at my Lincs and Humber database you can see how I have done a split division.

The only parent is the one with no teams, all other divisions are separate things apart from the promotion/relegation of course.

If you need any help we are here.

I am glad you liked my videos Hoax :D

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If you want a structure with 3 divisions all on top of each other (like the real life English Premier, Championship, League 1) then you do not need sub-divisions. You simply add the competitions below the Premier on the leagues screen and set promotions/relegations.

If you want a structure with 3 divisions but 2 are the same level (like Blue Sq Premier, then North and South both on the level below) then you need sub-divisions.

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