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FM13 - In desperate need of laptop advice

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Hi guys,

Please accept my apologies if I have posted this in the wrong section, I had a quick flick through the various forums and couldn't really identify anywhere more suited.

I've played since the early-mid 90's, but always on a desktop PC. I'm finally looking to get rid of my desktop to buy a laptop and I'm anticipating spending around £400.

It's main uses will be browsing the net etc, the most strenuous task it will be asked to perform is running FM.

My problem is that I've no experience whatsoever with laptops and really don't know what to look for/buy.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated


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This is pretty good - probably play FM 3D matches on low quality though. As it has no standalone graphics card.


If you want to play 3D matches probably best to get a standalone graphics card - but you'll need to pay a bit more than £400 - probably around the £500 mark.

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You could try an Asus GS74X with 16gb ram. Bit more than £400 though...

Only a server need that amount of RAM or even more. For a domestic computer 4gb or at most 8gb are enough.

To play FM 4gb is good enough, even to play games with lots of leagues, a good graphic card is also important, ATI or NVIDIA.

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