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What series of football manager is the best?

What series of football manager is the best for you?  

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  1. 1. What series of football manager is the best for you?

    • Fm 05
    • Fm 06
    • Fm 07
    • Fm 08
    • Fm 09
    • Fm 10
    • Fm 11
    • Fm 12

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This is a tricky poll! :)

My two favourite FM were FM2010 and FM2012.

FM2012 because it's the last, it as better graphics and more features.

But FM2010... that was really fun. IMO the best match engine so far (10.3), and i think the transfer system worked really well... well at least we could developed a player a sell them for big money.

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I liked FM06 and played this for 3 years, skipped FM07 because it was buggy and I didn't get the feel for it from the demo. Bought FM08 when FM09 came out then 6 months later bought FM09, but I've got to say my favorite to date has to be FM10, thats the version the editor really started to show its potential and if I remember correctly the version SI Games worked on fixing a few bugs from the previous version (something I believe they needed to do with FM13 if they haven't)

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I must be strange. Although I've bought every iteration of CM/FM since it began, they all blur into one in my memory. Sure, I know the game has gradually evolved over the years, but I can't remember a particular year's version as being the best.

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- Regen system was good enough that you could play decades into the future - had my longest ever save.

- ME was good enough that you could try out all sorts of tactics, I finally managed to successfully use a Libero, and I had my finest ever passing team

And they haven't added any features since then that I've loved.

I also have quite a lot of love for FM06 (IIRC - the years blur somewhat). Lebohang Mokoena and Benedict Vilakazi forming an outrageously effective strike partnership for me. Freddy Guarin as a great DM. Another great ME for creating good football.

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2005, most certainly for me. Purely because it was the first one I ever played. Since then, have played every single release. I remember when I had FM05, SI released an update and because I was on dial up internet at the time I sent a polite letter to SI explaining my position and got a very nice letter back 3 weeks later with the update on a DVD for me.

That cemented my love for the game.

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FM 2010 for me. Had the best regen/newgen system, transfer system and had my longest ever save with it, where each team was still balanced and manager AI bought wisely.

In FM 2012, AI would buy strikers for £18m, who were probably worth about £5m based on their stats, and then play them 5 times a season. Each team would eventually become older and worse off, which killed the game after 5 years or so. I still don't like the UI changes made either, although I can live with them.

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Have to agree, Darkest.hour2004, I didn't like the FM12 UI changes either.

I've since gone back to playing some FM10 whilst I wait for FM13 to come out. After many, many hours of FM12, I still found the FM10 UI to be superior. There are a number of choices that were made in FM12 that I really don't like much.

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