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Trouble loading Skin


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Hi all, Might be me being thick but hopefully someone can help.

I unzipped a skin to my football manager folder on my mac, but it does not show when i go to preferences

on fm itself, it still shows the original two skins but no new skins i have downloaded.

Is there something silly i have missed ?

The folder i load it to is Reeson/Documents/SportsInteractive/Fm 2012 or something similar.

When i actually open the folder i can see all the things inside like the title bar etc, but will not show on Fm.

I dont the same with my old tactics and they show perfectly.

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Thanks for your advice Radestock, Im sure i have already tried that, but i'll have another look.

Not to fussed anymore as ive decided to wait until the new game as i have put up with the original skin up until now

a few more weeks will not hurt.

you can close this now if you like, thanks Ben

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