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dafuge's FM13 challenge

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The Aim

To take a small club who were previously unplayable in an unedited game from the Blue Square N/S to Premier League and Champions League glory.

The Rules

Load a game with the English leagues only, with the Blue Square N/S selected. The attribute masking, real players and transfer boxes ticked and the add key staff box unticked. It should look like this.

Just like previous years, the players for the newly playable clubs need to be added which can be done using a custom database. The players from the three feeder league have to be added, which looks like this. If people wish to add extra players, any players from continents may be loaded, but not from individual countries. This is hopefully to provide a challenging game later on, without making the lower leagues too easy with too many cheap talented players available.

The extra levels of detail that you can change while in the game are up to you, as they shouldn't make a difference.

Add yourself as an unemployed manager, the details are not important at all. I like to call mine 'Holiday Man'.

Go on holiday until 25th June, this shouldn't take too long, perhaps about an hour. Saving on 24th June may give you a better choice of teams by reloading the game then going on holiday for one day, I would strongly recommend trying this.

Retire your 'Holiday Man' manager, his work has been done.

Add a new manager, the options are up to you but 'past experience' must be set to the lowest possible which is 'Sunday league footballer'. I understand that choosing different nationalities may have an effect later on, but I trust people will be sensible with this. I would expect people to use their own true nationalities.

When adding a new manager, choose one of the new clubs promoted to the Blue Square North or South to manage. A quick way to check the new teams is to find the 'England Overview' team, then the 'season summary'. Just above the FA Cup summary you should find a list of six new teams.

They should also appear in this list which also shows the reputation of the possible clubs. The reputation should act as a difficulty level, the lower the reputation, the harder your game should be (reputations will be added once available).

Ryman League Premier Division

Bognor Regis       1250
Bury Town          1600
Canvey Island      1450
Carshalton         1650
Concord Rangers    1150
Cray               1200
East Thurrock      1300
Enfield            1200
Hampton & Richmond 1650
Harrow             1400
Hastings Utd       1350
Hendon             1400
Kingstonian        1500
Leiston            1150
Lewes              1500
Lowestoft          1750
Margate            1500
Met Police         1150
Thurrock           1500
Wealdstone         1650
Whitehawk          1600
Wingate & Finchley 1550

Evo-Stik Southern Premier Division

Arlesey            1200
Banbury            1450
Barwell            1350
Bashley            1350
Bedford            1500
Bedworth           1100
Bideford           1100
Cambridge City     1600
Chesham            1450
Chippenham         1450
Frome              1100
Gosport            1200
Hemel Hempstead    1300
Hitchin            1500
Kettering          1950
Leamington         1400
Redditch           1650
St Albans          1750
St Neots           1500
Stourbridge        1250
Totton             1150
Weymouth           1600

Evo-Stik Northern Premier Division

AFC Fylde          1600 
Ashton Utd         1450
Blyth              1700
Buxton             1450
Chorley            1800
Eastwood           1300
FC United          1900
Frickley           1200
Grantham           1350
Hednesford         1800
Ilkeston           1400
Kendal             1500
Marine             1650
Matlock            1500
Nantwich           1400
North Ferriby      1600
Rushall            1300
Stafford           1750
Stocksbridge       1150
Whitby             1250
Witton             1350
Worksop            1600

It is now up to you to manage this club all the way to the Premier League title and UEFA Champions League crown.

You may not move clubs unless you are sacked.

If you get sacked, you can either take over a newly promoted club that satisfies the original criteria (check the club's league history), or just start again.

Any form of international management is not allowed, until you have completed the challenge.

Assigning parent clubs and loaning players is completely up to the player, although it should be noted that on occasions a parent club can lend players which will make the first season or two slightly less of a challenge. It is completely up to you how you play this one, but everyone knows real men don't use parent club loans. Personally, I like to assign a parent club for financial benefits but never take any players on loan from them.

To sign a player, you must be able to scout them, this doesn't mean you have to, just he must be accessible to your scouts. If you have a foreign player on a free transfer who is willing to come on trial, you do not need to be able to scout them, as long as you have them at the club on trial so you can get a coach report on him. If an agent offers you a player, you can sign him without scouting him.

No external utilities such as scouting programs should be used and the database should be unedited, this is particularly important with the new changes to the editor. Should SI release a data update, this would be allowed but any other data updates are not. It is advised that people should update using the latest patches as they are released, which should be easy with Steam.

Just as always, no extra leagues can be loaded, this includes extra leagues being added during a game.

Use of save game editors is strictly banned, whatever the reason.

Rules for this Thread

Player naming is allowed.

General discussion on tactics is allowed, although people should not refer to downloaded tactics. They are not banned, but I would expect the majority of people to avoid them.

When you join the challenge, could you post a screenshot of your manager's profile on the 25th June.

Progress of your club should be documented using this thread, we want to hear the story of your club all the way through. Please keep us updated, even if you are doing really badly.

At the end of every season, could everyone post some kind of season review, including at least a screenshot of a league table and the clubs transfer page. If you give this a title in bold it makes it a bit easier to pick out.

How to Post a Screenshot

  • While in FM, press Alt and F9
  • A picture will be saved to a screenshots folder, in the FM13 folder in your documents
  • Upload the image to an image hosting website such as Photobucket
  • Post the direct Url to the image here.

How to Add Links

At the top of the forum, go to 'Settings' then 'General Settings' (on the left). At the bottom, select 'enhanced interface' and save the changes. This will give you access to the extra posting tools that make it easier to post links. Once you've done this, highlight the word you wish to turn into a link, then use the link button (looks like a little globe) to paste in the direct Url to your screenshot.

dafuge's FM13 challenge Steam group - join here if you wish to chat via Steam.

Enjoy :thup:

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With Classic you can select the leagues down to Blue Square N/S

Haven't seen anything that lets you amend attribute masking, having real players (although it is by default) and allow you to tick both transfer boxes and add key staff box.

You can though opt to start with Sunday League rep.

It's your challenge though so presume you can make the call if it is allowed

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With it being new, I'm not really sure how to treat it. Should there be a second thread for FMC games or keep it all in here, even if the two games are different?

I don't think we've ever had FMH games in here, should it be treated the same as those?

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Glad to see this is back again this year. Also very excited to see that dafuge may be back doing it this year :) I haven't been able to keep up with your story thread this past year and I'm looking forward to it all being in one place.

Mighty Chippenham will be returning this year, though I likely won't start until after the day 1 patch. By then a few of you may have completed the challenge :p . I haven't yet decided whether to add in geographical restrictions yet. It makes it so much more realistic, but is really time consuming to set up.

As far as FMC, I don't know enough about it to know whether it will be even. Obviously unlockables would have to be forbidden, but I really haven't looked into what else is different.

As far as additional players from continents, which option should be used? It looks like there are many more options than last years version. Are we adding only internationals or players from top clubs?

Looks like ~ 10 of the people from last years steam group have already made the jump to FM 2013. I'm looking forward to seeing the detailed updates start flowing in! Don't make me have to beg for them (It wont be pretty!).

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As far as additional players from continents, which option should be used? It looks like there are many more options than last years version. Are we adding only internationals or players from top clubs?

I've tried to leave it a bit more open this year to allow people to bump up their databases.

As long as people are using it to make the challenge harder and not easier then it is up to you. What I don't want to see though are teams full of exotic foreigners in the BSS/N :D

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North Ferriby - Classic mode - obviously, if Classic Mode doesn't get approved for the challenge then I will restart with the regular game mode - it's just new and I fancied trying it

It may be a good idea to post any noticable differences between FMC and Career mode to help dafuge determine if FMC is allowed here. Like board requests, scouting limitations and so on.

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As reloads produce saves aare we going to start a post with ll available saves like usual?

Also any news on rep status for those of us looking for the sub 1000 rep range?

Don't you need the editor to check team reps? I doubt the editor won't be available until the full game is released.

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New Manager Unveiled


Blyth Spartans are delighted to announce the unveiling of our new manager, Jordan Swinburn. Although a relatively young and unknown manager, Jordan has expressed his desire to take Blyth to the top of English and world football and everyone here at Croft Park shares and supports that desire.

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