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MLS has some issues

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Couple issues on some sims.

1) Teams are very active in trading. Way too active. Most teams are doing massive overhauls every season. Players are being traded for and retraded at a high volume.

One noted example is D.C. United traded away probably 90% of their current squad within a season and a half .In season two, two(of many) players they brought in those trades were Graham Zusi and Teal Bunbury. Those two were promptly traded away again and not with the team by the end of the second season. They aren't the exception, almost every team is doing something similar.

2) Teams are passing in the SuperDraft.

3) Teams are criminally understaffed with players.

Just for example with 1) and 3). The Seattle Sounders won MLS Cup in 2013.

This was their squad in the play-offs:

Bold is currently not on team IRL











Jiminez* - Newgen



And yes, that's their entire squad. 13 players.

I'm aware this is beta. And I certainly hope that these issues are resolved, because in its current state MLS is close to unplayable.

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Indeed, please post any MLS-specific issues in the official USA bugs forum: http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/318814-U.S.A.-(Official)-League-Specific-Issues

These issue are currently under review, however. So you can get around it for now, your Superdraft issue will not reproduce if, when setting up your game, you tick "Add players to playable teams."

Thanks for bringing this stuff up.

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I have also just done some investigating into the transfers in MLS and, at least in my game, I believe they are pretty realistic.

For example, in real life this season, Chivas USA have made around 19/20 transfers in. In my game, by this time of the year, they had acquired 17 players.

Again though, this is just in my game. Are you seeing drastically different numbers of transfers in your save?

Roster Sizes

This is another strange one for me as I haven't seen it. Would you be able to please upload a save game onto our FTP so we can take a look at what's going on there?

Ideally, if we could have one from just before their squad reduces to 13 that would be perfect. Anything you have would probably be useful though.

Details of how to uplaod a save for us can be found here: http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/319072

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