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FM13 - What does Add as a transfer target do?

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so,can I confirm or decline the signing? because if I need one striker and put 5 of them on the list i don't want 5 new strikers,i only want one of these five?

yes you can confirm/decline the transfer if its set in your policy's for you to. it lists the player in priority top to bottom.

would be good if you could break it down into positions, then level the position in level of requirement.

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It adds the player to your transfer target list, if you have a director of football who is set to buy players for you, he will then try and sign the player.

I just noticed you dont need to set your dof to sign players, as soon as you add a player to the list ,your dof if you have one will attempt to sign him , if you set your dof to sign first team players he will sign any player he feels is needed.

Its best to leave first team signings to yourself and only add players to the transfer target list if its someone you dont mind your dof dealing with for you.

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