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I'm going to sue!!!!!

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So, two (game) years into my Clyde save, I get offered the Wigan job. They've just dropped into the Championship; transfer funds mentioned are 12,5mm with a wage budget of 625K (current wages 600k). Not bad, I think & accept.

As soon as I accept, they say the transfer budget is 275K & wage budget is 525K. Excuse me!!!!! This is surely sharp practice & don't ever remember a previous job offer being reneigned in such a radical manner.

This happened to anyone else? Is there a "sue the board" feature? If not, we need one!

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Don't think so. Can't remember now.

Aktar; thx for the good advice (as always) but since I am now in the process of D/L of 2013 Beta, I doubt I will be playing 2012 again.

Off to the 2013 forum to try to pick up some tips before I start making a fist of playing the new game.

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