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Profile view on players

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I never ever tried using the profile tab for any part of the game, i was really happy with the old way of looking at attribute when you enter a player, at squad when clicking a team, etc. Now, seeing that the interface changed so much, and im not likeing it at all, i tried to use the profile overview. I toy a bit with it, changing where the info is displayed, trying to find the one perfect look for it. But after a while, i realise i wasnt able to choose some boxes that should really be there. Why on earth is there a biography option and not a preferred moves one? Or why career stats and not a personal information one. Or why can you choose Player Status and not Nationalities and languages? I know many users would like to see the biography tab, but arent there more important ones to include?

Also, the one showing positions, its not well suited for many of the boxes, its weird and small in almost all of them.

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Plus you can't see recent attribute changes. Would love to have this one on the profile screen as well!

This is the only reason why i don't use the profile view!

Please add that possibility to the profile page, SI!

The OP has some very good points in general though. They should add more options for us to choose from.

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