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Team talks broken?

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Okay, I've played around 50 games combined on FM13 so far and so far I've noticed that......

Winning 1-3 away: "Well done lads, that was a good win for us!" = 3 players "looks switched off"

Winning 4-3 at home (4-0 after first half, they scored 3 in the second): "Good first half, poor second half" = Red status on 5 players"

"We can still win this" after draw at half time" = 5 players "looked to switched off"

"Show me something else in the second half" when 0-3 down = Red status on 4 players

Players "looking very nervous" after the obvious choice in team talks

"Didn't seem to listen" after praising the team after an excellent win

"Let's give the fans a performance they are expecting of us here!" against Southampton at home with Chelsea = 3 players "looked to switch off"

"I'm pleased with how it's going" after leading 1-0 against Southampton at home with Chelsea = 3 players "looked to switch off"

"Very pleased with the win" after winning 2-0 against Southampton at home with Chelsea = 2 players "looked to switch off" while one player actually got green status

= Players with "Unh" status because of my bad team talks = morale down.

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I experienced something similar, no matter what I tried I always got negative responses from Senior Players I assumed it was due to my Reputation (Managing Utd with Sunday League Footballer as reputation), but more games I played and being top of the table some of the players have started to react positively to my team-talks. However this is only the 'Rotation Players' the Senior ones just don't respond to anything.

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Well I think that the regional reputation has a lot to do with those team talk reactions. As far as I"m aware, if you're managing Chelsea and have a regional reputation, the players will struggle to take you seriously, regardless of what you say.

Now, I could be wrong because I don't know if it's reputation or past experience that's crucial here, like I said, I never put it on automatic. But if you put your past experience to international footballer then I'm sure it would be very different and the players will be a lot more likely to be happy when you say stuff.

Conversely, a Sunday League footballer will struggle to make Chelsea players motivate themselves.

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Team talks were working too well in FM12's early version, so SI, as usual, went from one extreme to the other and now it's virtually impossible getting the players to react positively to anything...

Of course they'll listen when you'll win, but if they don't listen NOW, you won't win... a wonderful Catch-22 situation, one of the many FM have given us, as a nice bonus, over the years.

Frankly I find the logic behind that decision quite flawed... If the game allows us to manager Barça or Man Utd from year 1, regardless of our reputation/experience, the game should take that into account, "assuming" we have enough credibility to land such a prestigious job.

Otherwise let's have the "realism" path for good and prevent people from choosing any football Giant they want... You start with regional rep? Fine, it's gonna be Blue Square of League Two for you.

FIFA Manager, and countless other inferior competitors had such an option, so I don't understand why SI should insist on such logical nonsense... Just set up a "Free Mode" where reputation has less effect on the PR side and we can pick any club we want, and then set up a "Career Mode" where you MUST start from the bottom of the ladder somewhere.

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