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Manage Barca - And Play Like Them Too

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Okay here's the tactic...


If I'm playing at home against a lesser team I play with only one centre back and play with Jordi Alba at left back.

Basically you have Puyol and Pique at the back... Both CD and Defensive attributed to them. As I said in a game you're playing a weaker team at home play Alba and give Puyol a rest. Just move him to left back and play him as fullback defense.

Defensive mid play Busquet and give him defensive instruction. Wingback is Dani Alves obviously and set him as automatic.

CM - I like to use Xavi with WM - Fabregas. Both on automatic and give Fabregas the instruction to **** in.

AM with support is Iniesta. He stays in the pocket and recieves passes from Fabregas and Xavi and feeds the strikers.

WR - Pedro or Sanchez. Again set him to support so he feeds Messi.

WL - David Villa. Set him to attack and he does well linking up with Messi and also notching a few goals himself.

Messi.. Deep Lying Forward and Attack. Plays the false 9 and scores for fun.

Style - Balanced - Strategy - Control.

Team instructoins:

Passing style - Shorter

Creative Freedom - More disciplined (seems a bit strange but we want to keep the ball. The players in the match engine will try too much fancy stuff and lost it unless we tell them to keep their discipline in possession)

Closing down - Press press press!!!

Tacking - More aggressive. We want the team hunting in numbers.

Marking - Default

Roaming - Default

Defensive line - The notch before push up

Width - Set it on narrow... we want to work it through the middle

Tempo - Slow

Focus passing - Through the middle

Playmaker set as Iniesta.

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Just to note I've tested this with Barca and it works cause they have the players to play this. It's a fun way of playing the game as your team really does play fantastic football.

This isn't a tactic to win every game... If that's all you want then you'd be better using something else. This is a Barca specific tactic IMO.

Play this way with the wrong players though and prepare to get SMASHED lol

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