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FM13 - Bargain Thread


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Can anyone find any players in the PL for a decent price? I'm not new to FM but I like to know a lot about players before signing them on the game instead of just buying unknowns.

The only one I know is


Name: Demba Ba

Age: 27

Nationality: Senegalese

Club: Newcastle

Position: ST

Value: £7m

Sale Value: £7m release clause

Work Permit Needed?: Unsure (Will get one though)

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Name: José Enrique

Age: 26

Nationality: Spain

Club: Liverpool

Position: D/WB L

Value: Unsure

Sale Value: £6.5 mill

Work Permit Needed?: No

Name: Gomes

Age: 31

Nationality: Brazil

Club: Tottenham

Position: GK

Value: Unsure

Sale Value: £1 mill

Work Permit Needed?: Unsure (Probably yes)

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Name: Kyle Walker


Nationality: English

Club: Tottenham

Position: DRC


Sale Value: 13 million (sterling)

Work Permit Needed?: No

depends what you consider a bargain. With the prices people are paying for players these days i found young Kyle Walker to be a steal at 13million pounds. I think buying elite, world class players or players with world class potential for less then 15million a steal.

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Name: Wellington Nem

Age: 20 (I think)

Nationality: Brazil

Club: Fluminense

Position: AM R/L/C

Value: £9 million ish

Sale Value: £3.5 million (minimum release clause)

Work Permit Needed?: Yes, will get on appeal.

Been awesome for me, 4 and half star potential (based on my Saints team), top assister and already seen his attributes dramatically rise in 6 months.

Strengths:- Pace, Dribbling, Acceleration,

Weaknesses:- Strength and Balance (both start at 6) but then he is only 5 foot 6 inches tall!

EDIT: oops just noticed you meant players from the Prem not for the prem! :o

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Name: Neil Taylor

Age: 23

Nationality: Welsh

Club: Swansea

Position: Left WB/D

Value: £2.9mil

Sale Value: Brought him for £5million as Arsenal

Name: Yohan Cabaye

Age: 26

Nationality: French

Club: Newcastle

Position: MC

Value: £12mil+

Sale Value:(as arsenal) £5mil + a player, the game seems to be more open to exchange/part exchange of players as long as the club your trying to get a player from is interested in one of your transfer listed/unwanted players, i had this with newcastle and per mertersacker, so him +5mil over 30months for Yohan seemed like bargain of the century to me :D

Name: Adam Campbell

Age: 17

Nationality: English

Club: Newcastle

Position: ST

Value: £100k

Sale Value: £500-800k compensation if you approach him at the start of your game(my game starts on June 17th) quite a steal for a player of his potential.

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Name: Alan Dzagoev

Age: 22

Nationality: Russian

Club: CSKA Moscow

Position: M/AM ©

Value: 4.1m

Sale Value: Not quite sure the sale value but if your patient, the game starts with 6 months left on his contract so you can get him on free and he'll arrive in January.

Work Permit Needed?: Yes, he got one for my Spurs side.

Name: Ronaldinho

Age: 31

Nationality: Brazilian

Club: Atletico Minero

Position: AM (RCL)

Value: 3.8m

Sale Value: Same situation as Dzagoev

Work Permit Needed?: Ronaldinho gets what Ronaldinho wants!

Alan Dzagoev was a no brainer, his stats are solid and will do a good job and he's still young, definitely make a good profit on him. Experience like Ronaldinhos is invaluable and his stats are still exceptional!

Name: Hernan Crespo

Age: 37

Nationality: Argentinian

Club: Free agent (was with Parma)

Position: ST

Value: 800k

Sale Value: Out of contract

Work Permit Needed?: No, Italian is his second nationality.

Seems like a silly signing but again he has great experience! Also for my Spurs side I wanted a striker I could play in all the smaller games and he was perfect!

I was far too hasty, never read properly!

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Just in case anyone was in any doubt of Boudjemaa's Quality

This is him now, not even end of first season with Leeds in the championship... look at him... LOOK!.


He costs £60k and will go to championship clubs easily, and no WP of course.... WHY would anyone not buy him?

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