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Hitting the crossbar?

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Not sure if this has already been commented on, haven't seen it anywhere & couldn't find it with a search, but I seem to be hitting the crossbar an AWFUL lot!

While I can't find any stats it happens at least once a match, probably more... just seems a little much.

I know I could just be unlucky, but I've fired up a couple of games just to check out different modes/set-ups & in my latest one I played as Barcelona so it's not like my team have poor finishing etc.

Is anyone else having the same issue?

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Hitting the woodwork was on even bigger problem for me on FM12 - seemed to be four times a game on average. FM13 seems much the same despite the new ME, although i've probably noticed it less because my main frustration has been that every goal is coming from a cross to the far post...

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Here's the last 12 games and the first 12 games of my current season with the total woodwork count for both teams. I'm using the lastest database as well. Its not hampering my enjoyment any so its not a massive deal, just curious to see if tohers have the same issue.

Are the below stats about right or to high? Seems a bit to high in my opinion.

Everton 1

Southampton 0

Fulham 1

Ajax 1

West Ham 1

Blackburn 0

Ajax 0

Man Utd 1

Roma 1

Roma 1

Palace 0

Spurs 1


Lens 4

Wolves 0

Lens 1

Man City 2

West Brom 3

Red Star 3

Bristol City 1

Norwich 0

Heerenveen 1

Newcastle 2

Blackburn 1

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It happens to me an awful lot from DFK. It's only really an issue from open play from wide areas. I get more than my share of misplaced crosses that hit the bar and go behind, resulting in an "...almost got lucky with that!"

I should have probably stated earlier but that's exactly what happens to me.

In breaking down shots hit against the woodwork I'd say 95% of the above stats are from the ball hitting the bar, mostly from wayward crosses. The ball hits the post about as much as would be expected but the "...he didnt mean that!" type of cross/shots are way to common.

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