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FM 2013 TACTIC - Burgeoning success on a budget!

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As you can guess I'm an Ipswich fan and this incarnation of FM is possibly the toughest yet playing as my beloved tractor boys, little money for transfers or wages, poor staff made up of mainly youth coaches and a media prediction of 17th (I think this is generous if the teams real life exploits under Paul Jewell are anything to go by!). I'm on my 3rd start on FM2013 after a little play around on classic to see what it was like, I've concentrated on the full version of the game as I prefer the increased control. In my third start after trying various tactics of my own and downloaded, mainly focussed on possession football, I decided to go back to basics.

My formation and the player roles and team instructions have been designed to keep things as simple as possible and to get the most out of my very limited squad, here's the tactics screen:


Uploaded with ImageShack.us

After 13 games (9 friendlies managed by my ass manager - I think you need to get as many friendlies in as possible to get the team familiar with the tactic) I sit a top the Championship, in my previous two games I had won less points in 10 league games as I have in the last 3 with this tactic:


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As you can see this success has been built on only free transfer signings and a clear out of players to reduce the wage bill:


Uploaded with ImageShack.us

Team talks: assistant manager with individual 'have faith' instructions for subs

Pitch size: standard

Opposition instructions: I apply assistant advice

Match prep: My assistant manager handles this but in pre-season I focussed on high fitness and team cohesion

Player roles: basically I keep these the same unless I can make any signings who stand out as needing the role changed

In game changes: I've only made subs if absolutely needed, I've changed from standard to attacking if behind, counter attack if in front but only in the last 15-20 minutes

Any feedback appreciated, hope it works for some other people too!

Download link: http://www.mediafire.com/?awaccy4wdq2e8a0

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Been using it with CFR Cluj to good effect. Six wins out of six so far after playing 10 or so preseason games like you suggested to get the players used to it (left those to the assistant.)

Best thing about this is the limited number of chances you seem to give the opposition, very solid defensively (I have def-positioning on in training).

Will report back again after I finish up playing tomorrow.

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Cheers for the feedback, glad it's working for you. it's also key to switch tactics if you hit a wall, I've also started a 5-3-2 formation as I've good wing backs, it seems to be not quite as defensively sound but much more attacking, creating 5+ CCC in my last 3 games I've used it for 90 minutes. I've found switching formation helps if your under the cosh. I'll upload details later this afternoon...

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