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A old Macbook PRO and FM13? Keep, update or scrap for a Macbook Air?

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Hey Everybody,

Hope anybody can help me.

I have the following computer ->

Macbook Pro (2009): 2,53Ghz Core2Duo, 4GB 1067Mhz DDR3, NVIDIA 9400M 256MB, 250MB HD, ML.

Works pretty nice, 2hr of battery but can play FM12 even if it gets very slow when I'm playing for a couple of hours (the night shift).

Now FM13 is in and I'm wondering if I should:

1. Keep my MBPro as it is?

2. Upgrade RAM (from 4gb to 8/16gb) and/or invest in SSD 120gb?

3. Buy a new Macbook Air with 8gb ram?

Is there anybody here who knows what to do?

Would love a answer,


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Keep in mind that MB Air will kick cooler fans on every bloody match since they can barely cope with 3D without getting as noisy as possible.

I'd say it's better to upgrade MP Pro to 8gb and buy something better than Air (or just a new air) later on.

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I would keep it.

I'm playing the beta on my MBP2008 with 2.4 GhZ Duo Core and 6GB ram. It works okay.

Give FM13 a go. If you feel it's too slow, then get a replacement. (Which one is up to you, but if you watch games on full, i would prefer the MBP)

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