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Is there a list of FM12 starting reputations and transfer budgets for premier league teams

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Im wondering if anyone has a list of FM12 starting transfer budgets (maybe if you pick title challenge for each of them, or whatever it is just as long as it is consistent), as well as team reputations. I'm trying to decide which team to start with. I want a team with money to spend and players to sell basically closer to the bottom of the league in terms of talent than top, I want a challenge while still being able to get players to come to the team, obviously not the Messi types but at least the gems.

Also in the FM12 demo, why,cant I "add new manager" after the game starts? Thats how i used to compare the transfer budgest, I would make like 12 managers each with a team I was considering and compare the budgets at the beginning of the game.

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