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Suggestion for future games

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I hope this is the right place to air suggestions.

Now that you seemed to have over halled the staffing side of the game which i can say is fantastic, I have a suggestion which would personalise and revolutionise it in a whole new way.

My suggestion...

When you advertise for jobs such as scout, coach on the jobs page and then you get a feed saying who is interested you simple get a few people saying they are interested and then the option to click on their profile and have to trawlthrough different elements to get information.

I suggest, if possible to make the system more like a CV/Covering Letter type interface, there the chairman or who ever says "these are the candidates and if you would like to view them then click on a CV". not the words which would be used but you get my drift. Then you have an option to click and open page, similar to the biography page but packed out with much more, in a CV fashion, details main skills, clubs worked at, awards, club ratios (if needed), preferred tactics and philosophies etc, favoured personal etc

For example on the skills side of things if he/she is great at attacking or attacking is 16 and over then on his CV it can mention this, but if he is better with man management then it can detail this.

I hope you get my meaning, and i just though this would personalise and be more realistic than the current way of of viewing and hiring which quite frankly still sucks.


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