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Inside forwards - what do to with them?

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AM R/L (position) + inside forward (role) = I'm struggling to make them play as I want them to. The problem, I think, is that they cut inside without ball and don't return in position until the team loose possession, so in the end they just stay near the edge of the area waiting for the ball to come to their feet. As wingers, they play wider and do cut inside WITh the ball = more dangerous and unpredictable, exactly what I expect from an inside forward...

AM C (position) + IF (role) = either he scores (happens rarely) or he's simply useless.

Any particular team/player instruction to have an inside forward play as an inside forward and a winger play as winger?

Also, playing with 433 or 4231, is there a way to tell my attacking midfielders and striker to operate more defensively and at least cover their zones, instead of waiting for their teammates to recover the ball? (Think Eto'o in Mourinho's 4231, he sometimes defended as deep as a fullback).

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If you have them set as Wingers with width = normal, then you should find that when the ball is down the left wing, your right winger will cut inside. I scored a great deal of my goals this way and I can do this from the AML/R or the ML/R positions.

To be honest, with all your complaints, including the defensive part, it sounds as though your forward players are a little to attacking.

You might want to try a DLF support, or even a Defensive Forward, if you want them to contribute to defence a little more. Though, either way this can be achieved with adjusting their closing down setting.

If you are playing with AML/R AND AMC all set as Inside Forward, you ARE going to have a problem. Who is supposed to supply them? Also, you now have four players all sitting ontop of each other with no space to move into.

Might I suggest a DFL Support (attack might work) as your FC. Then make your AMC either an Advnaced playmaker (unlikely to push to far forward, but will supply great passes) or AMC Attack, will supply passes and get into the box. You can then stick with two inside forwards on the wings, but I'd also consider making one of these a Winger support or advanced playmaker.

Essentially, if you are setup the way I think you are, you have no one providing support to your attackers and that doesn work. Either have teh AMC the supplier or make one/both of the wingers the supplier.

A bit of a jumbled reply I' afraid.

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It's kinda hard to say as I don't know what your players can do. For instance, look at the require skills for what you have suggested above and if your players can do that then go with it.

HOwever, if the Winger support role shows crosses and through balls often, which I think it does and your AMR can't do either of those then it won't work.

In principal, with what you suggested, your striker will be supplying the AML and the onrushing AMC and your AMR will be supply all of them. So, it sounds like a decent setup.

In relation to the MC's, where I assume you are playing with a 4231 (two MC's), then you definately want one supporting and then if its a weak team there would be no harm in having another on MC attack, but peronally I'd opt for MC support and DLP support/defend.

Trouble with these types of questions is that the answer depends on so many factors. Who you are, who your players are, what they are capable of, who you are playing, how they are setting up, if you/they have injuries etc etc.

Though, in principal, you just want to make sure you have a balanced team where most players are being supported. Having them all on attack will leave them isolated, hanging around in the box waiting for someone to give them the ball...... sounds familiar ;)



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If you are playing with AML/R AND AMC all set as Inside Forward

Nope. I have an AMC advanced playmaker and, most of the times, a MC deep lying playmaker, and they do great. And I also have a full back (position) wing back (role) who always does the wrong thing, but that's another story. Finally, I tried every possible combination for the striker, his performances don't seems to affect the IFs.

It's not about supply, it's about their movements on the pitch: as you wrote, wingers know when to stay wide and when to cut inside, while inside forwards don't. I even tried to set the width = wide, but things get only worse. Note that my aim is exactly that: having four or more men near the penalty area, finding space through short, quick passes. The fact is, inside forwards arrive too soon and don't try any kind of movement to get rid of their marker. Also, when we start a possible counter attack, they don't do it "the winger way" (run run run with ball) but just pass it to the MC/AMC and... position themselves near the edge of the area.

It seems to me that wingers can do what inside forwards (should) do, but not vice versa.

As for "not-defending" attacking midfielders, once again I tried every possible combination. I'm very happy with my AMC advanced playmaker-support but the other three (ST, AM R/L) are disgraceful: sometimes you want to have 11 players behind the ball, and I just can't do that. There must be a way!

It's kinda hard to say as I don't know what your players can do. For instance, look at the require skills for what you have suggested above and if your players can do that then go with it.

All my AM L/R "are" inside forwards, according to the assistant reports. But since I am the one who must win the matches, sooner or later I change their role to winger and we start scoring some goals :)

I play 4-2-3-1 fluid (as I hoped to solve the "slacker" attacking midfielder thing, with a bit of success, I must say) attacking, less creative freedom, more roaming. Default (pretty much) anything else. As I wrote, I tried with more width, to no success. Also consider that one of my inside forwards like to beat the offside trap, and it does it very often when he plays as ST, but he never does it on the flank.

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