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Andy Carroll Striker Roles (FM2012)

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I have tried to sell him in my game, loan him out with 100% wages paid by my club & even sell him for free transfer but no luck. So I've decided to play him & make the most of this player lol...Recently I have been playing him as a Defensive Forward, he had a good start to the season then slacked a bit. In my 3rd season with Liverpool & Andy Carroll has made 47 appearances & scored 5 goals. In your experiences what is Andy Carroll best striking roles?

Deep Lying Forward

Advanced Forward

Target Man


Complete Forward

Defensive Forward


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Surely he is nothing other than a target man.

Yeah I guess he's more of a target man. In the past 3 season with Liverpool I've played him in all of those striking roles & the defensive forward imo is his best role. Managing players like Andy Carroll is very difficult because for me in my game saves, his match performance is poor & I have had private chats with him & even warn transfer player but still does not improve. He is on £70k a week with expensive appearance bonuses...I really can't wait till his contract runs out lol

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