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I've had my say on the ME.... now I want to learn to use it :-)

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Ok.... so I have been playing the Beta version and I have had my say on how frustrating I find the new ME. Conceding ridiculous goals that would not happen in real life situations. I'm sure eventually these problems will be ironed out and the game will be as enjoyable as FM12 and previous versions.

I am starting my season with Liverpool and have tried numerous tactics. I wanted to use the Beta to get a good base for my tactic which I can then adjust game to game.

What I don't want to do is exploit any match engine issues as I would get no joy from this.

I feel most comfortable playing a 4-1-2-2-1 formation as it is well balanced. I would like to play attractive football therefore I play a fluid philosophy and a control strategy as I also want to dominate games in possession.

What I am finding is that my team struggle to make chances and concede an above average amount of goals. What frustrates me is that the Liverpool starting 11 is very impressive yet I cant seem to get them to perform. The roles I use are fullbacks, central defenders, defensive midfielder, advanced playmaker, ball winning midfielder, inside forwards and a poacher. The only real changes I make to players is reduce long shots and less crosses (as I use a poacher).

My team setup would be short passing, press more, high defensive line, quick tempo and quite narrow.

I don't want anyway to tell me exactly how to setup as I wouldn't be achieving a great deal, but I would like people to throw ideas at me and generally discuss their own setups which I can take ideas from. I used this tactic in FM12 but obviously because of the ME changes things that were effective may no longer be.

I would appreciate any help with this.


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The beta is a poisoned chalice. It exposes some bits of the game as they'll appear in final whilst other bits will change. If you create a nice tactic based on how your players play in the beta snapshot then you might find it changes with the full release and it's hard to predict where and how those changes will occur.

Obviously the beta/demo should be fairly darned close to the release version but I wouldn't base my opinions solely on how my team perform in the beta (particularly depending on which beta version you're deploying).

The 41221 is a great and flexible formation that sounds suited to what you're trying to achieve. Gerrard and Shelvey should fit in well as bustling, energetic MC's. I don't know if you have a suitable DM but a few different playing styles would fit with all-action all-rounders like Gerrard and Shelvey.

The 41221 is perfectly adapted to sitting deep and launching quick, counter-style attacks (and full-blown counter-attacks). It isn't necessarily perfectly suited to playing a high, technical, controlling game. Despite Barcelona using it they don't sit too high up the pitch, infact, creeping up the pitch is detrimental to their attack style which relies on a quick transition from the build-up phase to the strike phase. It's slightly due to personal opinion but I don't think this formation necessarily lends itself to shorter passing by default, feel free to disagree.

Your roles sound alright. How does your poacher go? Sometimes difficult to get a poacher working well in a sole striker formation (particularly without direct AM support)

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To be honest I haven't had much success in the Beta with the poacher but I did in FM12, mainly due to the support from the inside forwards. I have Suarez but he is more suited as a deep lying forward but when playing one striker I don't think that would work well. Maybe I will try an advanced forward.

I thought the shorter passing would suit due to the 3 central players but now I think about it there will be space between the 3 central players and the inside forwards and striker. Do you think having the central players more direct passing and the 3 advanced players on short would work? That way the midfield can play the more fancy attacking pass and the advanced men can play the short intricate passing in and around the box. Just a thought.

Thanks for your input by the way :-)

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I think furious makes a good point - So many people are maybe forgetting that the concept of SI releasing a BETA was that it was exactly that - a BETA. There are issues in the ME, and im sure they are being worked on and come full release day, the ME will have been tweaked since the BETA. Otherwise they would just have released the full game earlier........

I think the BETA is a chance to understand ME concepts - understand how things interact, what the impact of linked and contrary instructions is. Use it to learn how to use shouts if thats your bag, or to understand how to create certain behaviours.

To try and create your final tactic using the BETA, well probably only likely to cause extreme frustration when the full game comes out!

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All these threads will help you learn how the ME works. You should have a read of these as they explain how it works plus you get an insight into what systems and formulas people use;

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Any further questions or anything more specific you'd like to know just ask. I'm sure myself or one of the many contributers on these forums will gladly offer more advice :)

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Ok, then i guess you better put a sticky up making it clear people shouldnt start topics of their own, and should just read the pre-defined list. You had 2 of the more experienced and respected posters give replies in here (including another moderator), and its a shame that you feel its not suitable for discussion.

You are the moderator, your call. Personally its a shame that if someone makes the effort of a well put together OP, asking the right questions and showing the right interest, that they are met with this response. You get plenty rubbish posted in here with one or two line pleas for help and no detail, so when someone takes the time to articulate a question, it can only be good.

You might also want to reword the opening of your last post to address it to blair (rather than in third person - "if he wants to").

No offence meant :)

Edit - Just read the list and pleasantly surprised to see one of the threads listed is mine :)

You are missing the point. He is free to open a thread and ask how the the game works etc, that's not the issue. It was the few posts after Furious posted which strayed off from the original topic and was nothing to do with how the ME/AI works at all (which have been deleted). I don't want another thread to go down that route so I was nipping it in the bud before it started so he could just focus on learning how it works rather than blah blah blah. Which has since turned into a big drama yet again.

Stick to the topic please and not a discussion of what the beta is meant for etc. If you have issues with me then PM me or use the 'Contact Us' option located at the bottom of the forum.

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I must have missed the posts that were deleted. I dont want the thread going off topic as the title states.... i have had my say on the ME, no i want to learn to use it.

All i am interested in doing i spotting what mistakes are being made and how to correct them. what roles work well with others. I would never ask someone to build i tactic for me or tell me how to do it, i just wanted a discussion with a few ideas thrown in the mix.

My response to the last post is:

As i am only using one striker i thought the two inside forwards would be useful to ensure he isnt left stranded on his own. i can see your point though about the space. Maybe one winger and one inside forward could work. or perhaps keep the two inside forwards and play suarez as a deep lying forward so he drops into the AMC space more often.

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