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I'm not just hungry, I'm absolutely Flemished!


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I'm not just hungry, I'm absolutely Flemished!

Welcome to Moonshine's FM13 Career Thread!

Hey guys! After a **** poor attempt at a Career thread last year, hopefully this one will get going well. I'm going to aim for two updates a season, shamelessly stealing my style of update from Nobby McDonald and a couple of people in the dafuge challenge over in the Challenges forum.

Game started with a custom database (medium + All players from top teams in all nations) with the following leagues (and above) loaded:

Argentine Premier Division (View Only)

Australian A League (View Only)

Belgian Third Division

Brazilian First Division (View Only)

Danish Second Division

Dutch Jupiler League

English Blues Square Regionals

French CFA

German Third Division

Italian Serie C2

Mexican Promotion League

Portuguese Second Division

Russian First Division

Scottish Third Division

South Korean K League (View Only)

Spanish Second Division B

Turkish First Division

Ukrainian First Division

Aims and Style

I have no aims at all, excdept to play the game in the style I play it - LLM. However, as this is no the LLM fora, I will obviously be posting player names etc. etc. LLM style management is a way of playing as realistically as the game allows, meaning starting from the bottom, only signing players you've scouted, not using downloaded tactics etcetera etcetera. Many players on these forums play the game this way naturally and don't realise it, and it makes for an interesting and varied career.

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KSV Bornem

Bornem is a town in the Antwerp district of Flemish Northern Belgium. A town of just over 20,000 inhabitants, its more famous for its American Football team than its football team. The team is amateur, and really quite crap. KSV Bornem play in the 3450 capacity (650 seats) Het Breeven stadium. Their facilities are ****. This could be fun

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KSV Bornem

July 2012 – December 2012


Board League Expectations: Learn from the Experience

Board Cup Expectations: Learn from the Experience

Media Prediction: 14th (/18)

Season Tickets: 125 @ £75

Position on January 1st: 9th from 19

We started slowly and steadily swept to a safe mid-table position as I got used to the club, and experimented with tactics. Solid, but not exceptional, I expect the team to stay in this mid-table position, and build on it. The defence is shaky, and I have a particular problem at left back. The team started out without any, and my signing, a Paraguayan named Pedro Tullo Rivas has turned out to be a little bit crap – in fact he’s got the worst average rating in the squad. As a result, we ship a bit more than I’d like, something I’ve been desperately trying to remedy with young replacement DLs. The problem could gt worse next season, as our best player, centre-back Arne Ivens, is off to Mechelen at the end of the season.

In the cup, we beat non-league opponents Spa 2-0, before losing to rivals Temse 2-0. Happily, we beat them in the league, but Temse got a nice money spinning match at Standard Liege, while we went away with nothing.


First Period

Second Period



Key Players

Arne Ivens: A rock at the back, a great header means he is perfect against wide-playing eams, and bangs a good few in from set-pieces

Matthias Geldof: Goal-scoring Left Winger with a finishing of 2 and heading of 1- I put it down to good positioning and work-rate, but who knows, and who’s complaining? Currently my top goalscorer.

Pieter Beckers: Excellent central midfielder, dictates the tempo of the game – everything goes through him.

Thomas Ampe: Pretty fast and a good crosser, currently tops the assists charts in the league

One’s to watch:

Peter Vervaet: Has hit a vein of form since I started starting him, in light of a combined 25 hour goalless streak from my usual front 2.

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