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Injuries, Old Players, Low Professionalism

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When is SI going to fix this? I'm not talking about the frequency of them. I'm talking about player attributes falling like a rain when he gets injured. It would be ok if attributes would climb up at the same frequency (or a little slower). And maybe they do, if you take really good care of him (if you have magnificent training facilities, world class coaches, putting him on individual training and slowly introducing him to the first team football). But, from my experience, it would take months, or in most cases years (if he has time-not very old, and has great personality) so he would become the player he once was. But in most cases they fail to do that, especially the players you don't control (players from other clubs), as they are very often moved to reserves team and to transfer list, or they play very few of the games and become a backup for other players. It's not a problem for us as we could easily sell them, and buy new ones, but for me it's not very realistic. I don't like to see injury pron players or players that are already injured become half the players they were at the beginning of the game. The same problem goes for older players (if you would play FM 2012 for a year and compare some older player's attributes with the ones in FM 2013, would they be the same or would they be considerably lower in FM 2012?).

I would like to see players in game (like Robben and Ribery in real life) that are almost always injured but when they are not they become match changing players, and they continue to do so over the years,. Or players that are good at the age of 30, but they continue to be so at the age of 35 (what stats should player have at the age of 30 so he would be like Giggs in the beginning of the game?).

And about low professionalism. What attributes should newgen, with personality like Balotelli, have so he would match Balotelli's at the age of 22? I think much better than Balotelli's now. It's not very realistic that the player with low professionalism could not improve at all. The football is game, not University. The more you play the more you learn. How does someone learn to dribble? He starts to dribble the kids outside, then he continues to dribble opponents at trainings and matches, despite the fact that his coach lost his voice and tore all his hair of the head, because he didn't pass. In my opinion, the more playful (unprofessional) player is, the better he would become with ball, agility, balance; and the more professional player is, the better he would become in strength, stamina, mental attributes.

For me, ambition should be the main influence on player's progression.

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I totally agree with the OP.

A bad injury combined with low professionalism = crippled for life

The player will never regain the lost attributes.

The problem is how professionalism has a major effect on how a player develops.

So in the OP's example of Ribery: in RL he was out for quite some time 2-3 seasons ago. He is now playing even better than before, imo. In the game he would be crippled due to his low professionalism.

But hasnt this issue been addressed in patch 12.2.1? Has it changed again in 12.2.2?

In my current save i've noticed how a bay injury more or less kills a player again, like pre 12.2.1

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They said they did, but in 12.2.2 I was tracking the injured players and a lot of them couldn't regain lost attributes, not to talk about advancing further. If the player isn't unprofessional the main problem was the competition in the club. So when player recovers he doesn't play much of the first team football, so he either becomes backup, or he becomes unhappy, his attributes fall even further until he becomes transfer listed. What I did was lowering the injury proneness hidden attribute in the editor for the best players in the world. That was real pain to do and by doing this I didn't solve the problem.

The stupid thing about the older players getting injured is that the 2-4 months long injury will probably ruin his career. In real life that kind of injuries are so common that in every club you have 5-10 of those each season. And 99,9% players recover form those injuries and continue to play football on the same level as they did before. I think only compound bone fractures, spine, head and serious knee injuries, and some permanent injuries should should have effect on players careers. They will be become more determined or they will sink. And, from my experience, when it is difficult the man always finds the strength to overcome the problem.

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