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Lower League help - BSN

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I'm having a bit of a mare at the moment. As much as I can blame the dodgy ME, I've got to take some of the blame myself - I'm FC Halifax & currently in my 2nd season, lying just out of the playoffs in 8th place.

Now, despite relatively high up in the league, I'd say I have arguably the strongest 1st XI in the league. Pre-update, I had a 4-4-2 formation, but since then I've reverted to a 4-3-2-1 as it appears wingers aren't having that much of an effect anymore.

One striker is a DLF the other a Poacher. 2 out of the 3 ordinary midfielders are Central/Support, with the other being Central/Defend. My lone attacking midfielder is on attack. The right back & left back are Full Back/Support. I'm going into each game Fluid & trying to Control.

To be fair in every game I'm easily the better team possession & shots wise. I get my fair share of ME flukes against me, but when I'm pretty much dominating every game I should really atleast be near the top. Most of my play goes through the middle & a lot of shots are taken from distance. I can't seem to put my finger on where I'm going wrong.

Recently played a 4th rnd FA Cup qualifying match away to BSP Stockport & beat them shots wise 10 to 8. But I lost 2-0. The main thing that stuck out was that their shots on target equalled 7, however I could only muster 1. (7/8 against my 1/10). How do I improve this?

My striker Matt Godden scored 24 goals in 34 appearances for previous champions Gainsborough, yet he is a mile away from that total at the moment. My other striker Jamie Rainford is out performing him by far. He is the poacher, Godden the DLF.

If anyone would like to contribute any flaws / faults / suggestions it would be very much appreciated.

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With regards to getting Godden to score,change his role. As he is a DLF and you have an attacking midfielder they are effectively doing the some job as each other. I'd try advanced forward or target man for BSN.

The shots may have been from far out meaning the are less likely to be on target. Try changing your tactics based on amount of long shots you take.

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