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FM13 editor: Suggestions Thread


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I open this thread hoping that Sigames will listen to our requests.

FM10 and FM13 editor are almost the same. What disappoint me, it's that Sigames seems doesn't bother about requests made by their customers. We asked for apertura and clausura structure 3 years ago, how is possible not satisfy a so simple request in 3 years?

We love Football Manager, users like me buy this game since the age of 486 DX processor. I ask a bit of respect for us who support you since then.

This is what I demand to update in the next patches.

Please Sigames.


-Regional Rules: it's a key element. We need it to make independent divisions and sub divisions for regional leagues. Currently, there is no way to make real regional divisions, just a big national division with national sub divisions with a lot of limits. It's a serious fault, above all considering it causes a mess for play-offs and play-outs. Example: I have 3 regional leagues, rlA, rlB and rlC. Each regional league has 2 local leagues. I want to make play-offs between the two local leagus of rlA and winner is promoted in rlA. This is not possible with the editor. I can only make play-offs for one local league or a global play-offs tournament involving all six local leagues.

-custom sub divisions in other sub divisions: it would be very important, because there are regional and local leagues which have different rules for each sub division. It would be really useful make custom sub divisions inside other subdivisions. Current option allow to make groups in a sub division, but we can't customize them.

Apertura and clausura: like Argentina championship.

MLS structure: I mean teams belonging to a group can play against teams of other groups.

Qualification tournaments: another key element. If I want to make a qualification tournament for a cup, I can't.

Venues: option to select venues for leagues and cups.


-Option to choose exact dates for championship matches.

-More options for play-offs and play-outs.

-Add shoot-outs to extratime and penalties.

-Requirements to get a promotion (stadium, club status...).

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