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Help with server game set up

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Ive been playing football manager for years but up until last week I had never played a network game. Me and my friends want to start a network game when the new game comes out tomorrow and was wondering if someone could give me some advice. I have a micro server in my house and though I could start the game on there so everyone could play whenever they want as its always on.

First of all I was wondering if anyone had a link to any helpful tutorials on setting up a game like this and how easy is it to do if anyone has done it before.

Secondly I didn't really want to have to play the game on the server so was wondering if I could install the game fully on my laptop and just use the server for everyone to connect to without buying two copies of fm.

And thirdly is it possible to kick people out of the game if they aren't active enough and we're always left waiting for them.

Thanks in advance

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